Thomas Steppen

Detail oriented, precise in his approach to each and every segment of a project. He’s a guy, who painstakingly layouts each task and like a puzzle is able to fit each piece in its place, and bring the whole picture together.

Steppen in the field building from the ground up, a get your hands dirty guy, who learned not only to build, but to handle problems. Tough with a vendor or sub when necessary, yet able to empathize with a concerned client. Thomas is a rare individual that has earned the respect of the industry and admiration of clients.

Dan Spaulding

The big picture guy, a visionary not concerned with the details, only the results. He’s a straightforward guy, who sees the results before they happen and has the ability to spec out and design a project within a stated budget.

Spaulding began in sales, working for a developer and developed a strong ability to understand customers wants and needs and the ability to distinguish between them, so to better adjust work scopes and plans to fit a desired budget. He learned to take time with each client, treating each project individually. He grew to understand, that finishing a project right begins with starting a project right and that means listening to a client, analyzing the situation, developing a plan with straightforward specifications, and being able to adapt and offer options when necessary. It is his intention to build trust and understanding and it is Thomas who makes his sometimes seemingly bold statements stand up when it comes time to produce the project.

The Perfect Team

On the surface, the combination of these two may seem odd, but it makes the perfect team. What you don’t see is the real underlying bond that ties these two together. Their approach may be night and day, but their commitment to doing things right each and every time is undeniable. The desire to bring quality to each project in a straight forward manner, and to always do what they say are keys to making sure the job is done their way, DONE RIGHT!

Both Steppen and Spaulding started their careers in the new construction field. They began work together in 1997 with another contractor. Over the years through the many challenges of both new construction and renovations, they developed a solid working relationship, a knowledge of their abilities and a fusion of those abilities to form a solid core strength of performing with a constant desire to do everything that is expected, and to do the job right. It was recently stated, “You may never find two guys so passionate about caring for the client and the industry has a whole. When these two are on a project the successful result is a foregone conclusion.